Benefits of Silver Teeth on a Child

silver teeth on a child

Child’s first teeth are usually ridden with problems, as young persons usually don’t carry quality oral hygiene practices. One option to deal with cavities is to get a filling, but nowadays it’s accepted information among professionals that such fillings fall out earlier than the teeth itself, thus isn’t a practical way to deal with cavities. These days dental professionals are using silver teeth on a child or much commonly known as steel crowns to rectify their teeth with cavities. If you think your child needs it, you may visit Barkly Street Dental Group’s clinic in Mornington to provide your child the dental care the he or she deserves. Meanwhile, here’s more info about silver teeth on a child.

Steel crowns, which are made from stainless steel and other metal mixture is a long term solution. They protect children’s baby teeth from continuously deteriorating. In addition, steel crowns are a good way of making sure that the teeth which aren’t properly formed will do so in the future.

Depending on the severity of a cavity, it might be necessary to remove it at first prior to putting the crown. In most cases though, silver crowns can be put directly on a cavity with no further problems or risks. It is important to remember that silver crowns don’t eliminate the need for brushing teeth and flossing, and they are still a necessary practice a child has to partake in. silver teeth on a child

The only downside of silver crowns on a child is that it might be uncomfortable for a first few days or weeks. The silver cap will be felt on the mouth and might cause some discomfort, but it doesn’t last for a long time. There are also concern with eating sticky foods, like certain types of sweets, because they can stick tightly on a cap, and trying to pull the sticky food from the cap can remove it from the teeth.

In conclusion, steel crowns are a great way to protect your child from cavities. They are also a great long-term investment, as usual cavity fillings do not hold up for the whole duration of baby teeth.