Features of Best Baby Cribs

best baby cribs

Your baby is going to spend plenty of time during the first two or three years of his/her life in a crib. So be sure that you see the crib as an investment. It means you should get the one that’s safest and built to last longer. While many vendors claim to offer the best baby cribs, all of these products aren’t worth considering. Check this for more baby care tips you can follow.

Here are important things that you should check out to ensure a safe and ideal crib.

The width of crib bars

Crib bars or slats shouldn’t be wider than 2 3/8 inches apart. Gauge the width by fitting a soda can between the bars. If the soda can fits through, then the bars are dangerously apart.

best baby cribsMattress quality

Mattresses should be firm and dense. They shouldn’t sag under your child’s weight. Also, they need to touch every inch of the crib.

Specifications of headboards

Headboards need to be solid without any decorative cutouts. Also, ascertain that the corners don’t feature pointy embellishments that could catch your baby’s clothing.

Built quality

The crib you’re considering shouldn’t wobble if you shake it. Instead, it should feel sturdy. If the crib wobbles, it might have been improperly put together.

Check nails and screws

Watch out for screws and nails, and make certain they won’t harm your baby. Also, look for glues that stick anywhere on the crib. If you think that any of these things can cause discomfort to your child, look for other models.

Finding and choosing the best baby cribs can take a toll on parents. From safety to comfort, each and every detail should is properly considered as mentioned above. Although it’ll take some time, you can be sure that the crib you’re choosing renders utmost comfort and convenience to your kid, and will last longer without posing any threats.