How long to breastfeed your baby

how long to breastfeed baby

How long to breastfeed a baby is an individual decision for every family to make. Some organizations advise of exclusively feeding your baby without additional solids or fluids for about six months. After the first six months, you can choose to continue breastfeeding and adding other solid or fluids for two years depending on the desires of the baby and the mother. As a woman, you might be asking if breastfeeding can cause breast asymmetry. To determine how long you should breastfeed the baby, you should better to understand what happens at different stages of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding for three days

At three days, you will have provided the essential early milk or colostrum to the baby. Feeding the baby with the first milk will give anti-infective factors such as antibodies which gives the baby the first immunization. The colostrum will help to ensure that the digestive system of your baby will be working effectively. Moreover, the milk will help your child to recover from the process of birth quickly. Due to the importance of the milk, it is advisable to breastfeed your baby for at least one or two days.

Breastfeeding for four weeks to nine months

This is a part that helps the baby to move from the critical infancy period swiftly. At around four months, the digestive system of the baby will have significantly developed, and you can choose to tolerate other food substances in the diet. However, choosing to offer milk to the baby for the first six months helps to protect him from infections. You should know the importance of breastfeeding your child for the first six months before adding other foreign foods

how long to breastfeed babyBreastfeeding for 18 months

Breastfeeding your child at this stage helps to provide the necessary nutrients to the baby and helps in protecting him from illness. Breastfeeding at around this time helps to provide comfort to the child and reduces infections and guarantees normal health and nutrition for a baby.

In summary, feeding the baby even for a day or for 18 months has its benefits to the baby. Feeding your child is a decision that you will ever be happy about. If you introduce weaning at the right stage, you should know that it is a significant step that you have taken.