How to stop child from grinding teeth

how to stop child from grinding teeth

If your child clenches or grinds their teeth especially at night when sleeping, then, it’s an indication they may be experiencing a condition known as bruxism, or rather teeth grinding. Basically, children grind their teeth for a whole lot of reasons. Therefore, the first step in solving the problem is to find out the underlying cause for your kid’s behavior. If you don’t know what causes teeth grinding in your kids, visit emergency dental services to help stop teeth grinding of your kids.

Let’s take a look at some of the common symptoms and reasons for teeth grinding and how you can stop it.


The most obvious telltale sign of bruxism is, of course, the grinding. Other symptoms of teeth grinding include worn out enamels and chipped teeth. Also, the pressure and strain from grinding may cause jaw pains, headaches, and earaches.


The actual causes of bruxism are not yet clearly defined because they vary greatly from child to child. However, common suspects include, misaligned teeth, pain (from teething or an earache), Stress, Anxiety and Tension, and   Conditions such as hyperactivity and cerebral palsy.

How to Stop Child from Grinding Teeth

how to stop child from grinding teethAfter understanding the reason behind your child’s bruxism, you can now take the necessary steps to stop the behavior. First of all, it is essential to schedule an appointment with your dentist for a proper diagnosis, after which he will recommend various treatment options designed to reduce grinding such as wearing a mouth guard or braces for misaligned teeth.

However, if the grinding is caused by emotional factors such as stress, anxiety or tension, then, you should get to the root of your child’s feeling by talking to them. Additionally, consider helping your child relax before bed to ease their anxiety and by providing calm and soothing music, giving them a warm bath, reading them an interesting bedtime story or allowing them to read a book before sleeping.

All in all, be informed that teeth grinding is a normal transition especially for teething babies and it should eventually go away. Otherwise, a relaxing bedtime routine should always fix your concerns.