How to tell if your nose is broken

how to tell if your nose is broken

Telling whether you have a nasal fracture or broken nose can never be guesswork since it comes with clear symptoms. There are different ways on how to tell if your nose is broken because either the cartilage or bone in the nose must either be misplaced, curved, or has a crack. This makes you lose the ideal nose shape you once had. You may have different experiences when your nose is broken depending on where the exact affected nasal area is. Most of the broken nose experiences happen on the septum or bridge and is likely to affect both nostrils because it’s the main part that divides the nostrils.


How to tell if your nose is broken: The cause

It’s close to impossible to sleep and wake up in a safe environment only to find out that you have a broken nose in the morning. Major causes of fracture in the nose are related to accidents that may have sudden and forceful impacts to the nose hence should this happen, it’s advisable to visit your doctor for detailed examination.


How to tell if your nose is broken: What to expecthow to tell if you have broken nose

Your comfort can easily be taken away when you have a broken nose as the pain can easily extend to the other parts of the body such as the neck and face. You shouldn’t treat any pain that is around the nose as a minor problem but should be given the right attention since it could be a possible symptom of a broken nose.

Other ways on how to tell if your nose is broken include:

• Crooked or shapeless nose.
Swelling and tenderness in the nose.
• Frequent bleeding from your nose.
• Blocked nasal passage.
• Bruises in the nose that extends around the eyes.


Even with the above symptoms, don’t conclude that you already have a broken nose but a visit to the doctor is advisable. Some of the causes of broken nose can’t easily be avoided and may happen just like any other accident hence both the adults and children can be exposed to the risk. The fact that you have a broken nose doesn’t mean the end of life since the condition can perfectly be handled by experts using different treatment options to enable full restoration.