Ideal Age for Adenoid Removal

ideal age for adenoid removal

What is Adenoid Removal?

Adenoids are a mass of soft tissue found at the back of the nose. They are hidden on the top/roof of the mouth, the reason why it’s hard to see them. They normally occur at birth though then, they are quite small, and grow so fast in early childhood but reduce in size prior puberty. They are part of the body’s defense mechanism and usually protect the body from germs- they catch germs in the nose before they can cause illness.

Their removal involves a surgical procedure in order to fix nose adenoids since they are located near the Eustachian tube.

ideal age for adenoid removalTypes of Removal

Can be removed by using the following:

  • Curette
  • Laser
  • Adenotome
  • Endoscopic
  • Can be partially removed too

Reasons for Removal

This is done since they cause the following problems:

Ideal Age for the Removal and Reasons Why

Removal of adenoids is best done at the age of 4-7 years. This is because at this age they will have attained their largest size before they regress. Another reason why is because under the age of 4 there is a small risk of blood loss during or after the operation.

The only time it can be done to children under age 4 years is if it’s a special case. Though for the children above the age of 7 it can be done. There is no limitation, though by then, the adenoid has shrunk almost to nothing.

Adenoid removal is an important procedure that really assists the well-being of a child especially during the age of 4-7. Recovery has no long-term health issues. Though as done for all health issues, you have to consult your health provider first.