Nasal Spray for Babies

nasal spray for babies

Nasal spray for children is specially made to clear out a baby’s nose and to allow them to breathe through their nostrils easily. This is especially important considering the fact that infants can only breathe through their nostrils in the early ages of their life after birth. Infections, colds, and allergies can all cause blockages in the nasal passageways of infants, and this can be quite irritating to them for obvious reasons. Nasal spray for babies allows for immediate short-term relief, although it shouldn’t be used too often; otherwise, it may do more damage than good for the baby.

There are actually a few types of nasal sprays that can benefit newborns:    

– Saline nasal sprays, composed of salt water, provide moisture to the nasal passages of babies and break down excess mucus.

– Steroid nasal sprays are a bit different in that they’re stronger and are meant to solve a slightly different problem than saline nasal sprays. These ones help fight allergic symptoms in the child’s nostrils, blocking histamine in order to break down nasal blocks.

– Nasal decongestant sprays are another kind of nasal spray that helps babies breathe better. These work by stopping the swelling that happens in the nostrils’ blood vessels.

nasal spray for babiesMany wonder whether using nasal sprays on babies is healthy or is it actually damaging their nostrils in the long run. If this is the worry, saline nasal sprays should be the ones used since they contain no medication. The other two types of nasal sprays do have medication which could lead to some harmful side-effects, especially after many days of regular use.

There are actually a few alternatives to baby nasal sprays that can be easier to implement and have a lower risk of causing harm to the baby. One would be to use a nasal aspirator where you would manually squeeze the mucus out of the baby’s nostrils. Another would be to build up steam in a confined room with the baby, perhaps by letting a hot shower run for a few minutes. This’ll help alleviate the mucus built up in the nostrils.