Spring crafts for kids

spring crafts for kids

As the temperatures get warmer during spring, it would be a great time for kids to try out something new. Spring is the season where the environment looks more colorful as flowers start blooming and the weather gets more interesting.

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Every kid always looks forward to this time of the year as it allows them to spend more time outdoors to go and play.

However, there are also times when they would want to stay indoors and instead of just watching cartoons, or playing with toys, why not get them introduced to these amazing spring crafts for kids.

  1. Ladybug Windsock Toilet Paper Roll

As you know, there are usually so many ladybugs during spring, so you get inspiration from this. It would be an ideal project for kids at the kindergarten as making it requires little effort.  The kids can make as many they wish and hang the finished products in their classrooms as decorations.

  1. 3D Paper Caterpillar

This is another incredible wriggly project for making another bug. The kids will need the assistance of an adult as it involves a lot of cutting so as to come up with the desired shapes that resemble a real caterpillar.

  1. Paper Pin Wheels

Let the kids take advantage of the wind that comes around this time by making paper pinwheels.  They can use frilly printable to create interesting designs, or they can cut out the shapes they want then paint the paper in colorful patterns. It would be pretty exciting for the kids to run around with their own handmade wind spinners.

  1. spring crafts for kidsUmbrella Paper Plate

The rainy days can also inspire the kids to make this amazing umbrella paper plate. It would be intriguing for them to make little raindrops which are created by sticking blue beads on several white strings that have been attached to the bottom of the colorful umbrella paper plate.

  1. 3D Rainbow Paper Craft

Rainbows appear quite frequently during spring and making a 3D rainbow paper would be a perfect idea for the kids. Not only would it be fun for them to have the paper painted in several colors but also the concept of attaching the rainbow paper to small cotton balls so that they can resemble clouds would be thrilling.

As you can see, the creativity level of the kids would be taken a notch higher when they get involved in making some of these awesome DIY projects.

You can explore more of these as there are a variety of crafts that kids would love during this time. Have fun as you and the kids learn and create fancy designs.