About Baby Health Tips

baby health

When children are born, their immune system is usually not that strong. This is the reason why most of them are very vulnerable to many types of diseases. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to take care of their babies to make sure they don’t get sick all the time. The following are the baby health tips:

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Vaccines for baby

One of the most important things you should know is vaccines for baby. There are a number of vaccines you need to make sure your child receives. At birth, the baby should receive the first hepatitis B vaccine. The second dose is given at least one month later.

Follow-up doses

baby health tipsFollow-up doses of the vaccine at 2 months of age are administered at 4 and 6 months of age. Other vaccines administered after two months include the chicken pox vaccine, the hepatitis A vaccine and the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. Vaccines are cheap, and in some cases they are free.

Skin care

Skin care is also an important aspect of the baby’s health. The skin of a newborn is very tender and delicate, so you should take care of it. You should never apply lotions and creams that you use on your own skin. There are several products for baby skin that you can use. These lotions and baby oils are very light and don’t cause skin irritation to the child.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is another key issue for the baby’s health. You want your newborn to grow to become a strong child; therefore, you must make sure you feed him properly all the time. Breastfeeding is very important in the early stages of its development. Breast milk contains all the nutrients that the newborn needs to develop its immune system and become stronger. However, if the mother is sick and cannot breastfeed, the baby can take certain food formula.