Are Magnet Powered Toys Dangerous For Toddlers?

dangerous toys

Today, a large number of toys can be found on the market. In general, toys contain a declaration for which age they are intended, as well as a  potential danger they may have. However, whether the object that is intended for toddler’s fun, can indeed pose a great danger? When we talk about magnet powered toys, the answer is: Yes, toys can be dangerous.

Consumer safety organizations have done a series of research that has shown that magnetic toys are very dangerous, and can lead to fatal outcomes. Magnets on such toys are often not well attached, so they can either fall off or can easily be discarded. These small parts of toys attract toddler’s attention, and as the toddlers are unpredictable, and cannot be constantly supervised,  it’s possible that small parts of the toy finish in the mouth, nose or ears of the toddler. Swallowing a magnet or insertion into a nose can cause a series of problems, and certainly, it is most important to mention that swallowing a magnet can cause choking. Also, the maximum strength of the magnetic force index of magnets in toddler’s toys, may be higher than prescribed, so if a toddler swallows more then one magnet, their mutual attraction can cause various infections, perforation of the
intestines, and large bowel can become blocked and stop working, which in the end can lead to death.

Because of these situations, that it often happens that magnetic powered toys are withdrawn from the market because they present a too big risk and danger to health and life of toddlers.

Parents are warned that while buying magnetic toys, they pay special attention to the reading of the declaration and instruction for use. Should not buy magnetic toys that are not suitable for child’s age and toddler should be supervised during playing with magnetic toys.