5 Reasons Why Baby Teeth X-Ray Is Needed (Early Dental Health Risks)

5 Reasons Why Baby Teeth X-Ray Is Needed

A parent cuddling with their newborn child may be one of the precious things to remember. Throughout the entire period of infancy to toddler, parents need to know if baby teeth x-ray at an early age is safe. Everyone can get dental problems no matter what their age is. On the other hand, if you are a parent struggling to find the best dental clinic for your baby, you may have to seek a pediatric dental clinic suitable for your child’s growth. If you are interested in searching online, visit Bay Dental Studio in Potts Point today for tips on how to teach your child about dental hygiene.

Are X-Ray Examinations Safe?

Misconceptions and confusing facts about exposure to dental x-rays are common since people are only informed through hearsay. In reality, having dental x-rays are mild. Though, this doesn’t excuse the thought that radiation technology, in general, has its risks. Of course, it is still best to avoid having a dental x-ray on continuous progress. Hence, it is only intended for anyone to get a dental x-ray when needed. A pediatric doctor may recommend a parent to get baby teeth x-ray for their child once they have developed some dental diseases. 

Why Is Baby Teeth X-Ray Needed?

Doctors of dental medicine can point out that early prevention is better than cure. Particularly, infants and toddlers may have risks in not recovering from dental disease. Such illnesses can pass onto their adult years, so it is crucial to give early baby teeth x-ray for these kids. Your baby’s teeth are soft and sensitive to any bacteria growth. Check out other reasons why baby teeth x-ray examinations are vital for a baby’s health. 

Babies Gums Are Still Developing

Babies don’t have teeth until they are 6 months to 12 months (1 year) old. During this tooth growth period, gums can still harbor many bacteria and germs. The areas between the gums are not fully visible to a parent. Hence, it is best to get a pediatric dentist to detail results from a baby teeth x-ray at an early age.  

They Are Prone To Infection And Disease

Baby Teeth XRayDo you know the causes of toothaches? Neglect in dental hygiene during an infancy period can have the baby’s gums in pain. Moreover, there can be consequences that may even result in dental surgery. The mouth is one of the many sensitive body parts that requires full attention from the parent. Hence, getting a dentist to check your child’s tooth decay or gum disease from a dental x-ray will be the best solution. 

Forgetting To Remove A Pacifier Can Be A Health Risk

If your child develops a habit of looking for their pacifiers every time they could, that can also be an unhealthy risk. Aside from cavities, bacteria, and germs, teeth can also protrude, making malocclusions have a higher chance to occur. 

Cavities Caught Early Can Prevent Further Dental Problems

If you, as a parent, was able to get your baby teeth x-ray early on, you can monitor your child’s teeth growth. Cavities prevented during the early stages of teeth development can help avoid a child’s transition to adulthood encounter possible health problems. 

Allows Parents To Be Well-Informed Of Their Dental Health

Above all, parents are responsible for their child’s overall wellness and health. The best ways that parents can do to prevent dental disease is to start being a model of good dental health care. Allowing your kids to enjoy their food while taking care of their dental hygiene promotes a balance in parenting. Moreover, you can even prevent having dental illnesses. Start by mentoring your baby early on to ensure their growth and development. 

When Should Parents Get Baby Teeth X-Ray?

A parent should start seeing a dentist for their babies as soon as they are born. A baby teeth x-ray, on the other hand, should only be done if it is needed. Aside from this precaution, pregnant women should also avoid getting dental x-ray until after their week two to eight. A pediatrician must inform women and parents about the best practices for keeping their teeth safe during these downtimes