Baby urinary tract infection

baby urinary tract infection

A urinary tract infection is an infection which normally affects the urinary tract. It’s caused by bacteria. However, baby urinary tract infection isn’t a very common case. But there are few cases recorded each day about babies getting these kinds of infections. Therefore, it’s necessary to practice proper hygiene. Baby urinary tract infections can be completely treated. It’s very difficult to notice your baby has this kind of infection. However, a few symptoms can help you to identify. In such incidences, you should seek immediate treatment. This will prevent future health complications like kidney failure. For more information, continue reading this article.

Common Symptoms of Baby Urinary Tract Infection

  1. baby urinary tract infectionHigh Fever

Fever is usually caused by an infection in the body. This usually makes the temperatures to rise above the normal range. In most cases, this will be the first symptom to indicate a urinal tract infection.

  1. Crying a lot

This can happen especially when the baby is urinating. Hence, indicating that the baby is experiencing a sort of burning sensation around the genitals. You shouldn’t ignore this. Instead, you should report the case to the doctor or rather pediatrician.

  1. Abnormal Smelling Urine

Although it’s a rare indication, you should be keen enough to always check on the smell of your babies’ urine. An unusual smell can be a probable cause of a urinary tract infection.

  1. Nausea

The baby can sometimes experience the feeling of wanting to vomit. Don’t hesitate to take your baby to the hospital for medical examination. This is because it will clearly show the possible cause of nausea. And a urinary tract infection can as well cause this.


The pediatrician normally takes a urine test for the baby. The presence of pus cells indicates there’s a urinary tract infection. He or she prescribes the right antibiotics to be taken by the baby. The full dose should be completed to avoid future recurrence of the urinary tract infection.

Although baby urinary tract infection is uncommon, it can be treated when diagnosed at early stages. However, doctors normally recommend a few practices like; proper hygiene, taking plenty of water, eating a lot of fruits and, vegetables. These can help prevent the occurrence of these urinary tract infections. Above that, feeding the baby with foods rich in minerals and vitamins will greatly boost their immune system. Hence, being able to fight off these kinds of infections.