What Are The Benefits Of Exercise For Children?

group of children exercising

Generally speaking, children are like little creatures that can’t seem to stay in one place at a time. They have this extremely high energy that enables them to do multiple activities that they desire. However, according to studies, playing games, and running around the house can be considered a regular exercise for them. Later we are going to figure out the benefits of exercise for children and why it’s important for them to be engaged in physical activity. Check the products of BestSpinBike to see more equipment that you and your children can use together.


Why Is Exercise For Children Important

Physical activity plays a critical role in a child’s growth and development. Children who are not restricted to perform regular exercise have a higher chance of having strong bones and muscles. Both of which are important when they start attending school and interacting with kids their age. It is important to improve their cardiovascular health and motor skills as early as possible so that they can easily adapt to the environment outside their home.

They are also more interested in engaging in physical activities at a young age. Once they reach their teenage years, they slowly become less concerned with indoor and outdoor activities. Usually, they just spend their spare time using modern devices and playing video games. That is why it is wise for parents to let them enjoy the sun and the rain outdoors while they are still willing to run and play outside.


Benefits of Exercise for Children

Children can get a lot of benefits from regular exercise and random physical activities. Their health, physical fitness, and motor skills would greatly improve if they are more physically active. Here are a few benefits of regular exercise:

  • improved fitness
  • good mental health
  • attentiveness
  • disciplineoutdoor activity
  • stronger bones, muscles, and heart
  • healthy growth and development
  • great self-esteem and confidence
  • correct posture
  • stress-free feeling
  • pleasant sleep
  • controls their weight
  • protects them from risks of chronic diseases
  • widens their imagination
  • molds their skills
  • boosts their ability to become independent
  • improves their socializing skills

Take note that these are just some of the things that the kids can benefit from physical activities. If they grow up with regular exercise until adulthood, imagine how healthy and strong they will become. Do not forget to supply them with proper nutrition and make sure they get all the vitamins and proteins needed.


Encouraging Children to Do Physical Activities

Because of their young age, it can be quite difficult to explain to them the importance of regular exercise. In addition to this, they have their own interests and likes when it comes to games and activities. To encourage kids to be more engaged in physical activities, check out the tips below:

  1. Choose fun and interesting activities. They are more captivated by the idea of going outside rather than staying at home. Try to set a 2 to 3 days a week walk to the park with their dogs or playmates to keep them engaged.
  2. Plan out a variety of physical activity options. Let them choose what they want to do for the day and see how more active they are in doing their chosen physical activity compared to forced activities.
  3. Include random physical activities in their daily life. e.g. walking to school, enrolling them in their choice of sports, fixing their bed.
  4. Give rewards and incentives. By doing this, they will be more excited to help out in house chores like watering the garden, cleaning the car, and the likes.
  5. Be verbally encouraging. Children are great listeners, if they hear you say “good job”, “excellent”, and “well done”, they will be more inspired to perform physical activities.
  6. Lead them in exercising. It is important that they are seeing you as a good example as well. Make sure that the whole family is participating in the exercise routine. This also serves as an effective family bonding activity.


Fun Exercises for Children

To keep kids interested and engaged, parents need to make sure that their children are enjoying their time spent on physical activities. Otherwise, they will be less amused the next time you mention any physical activity to them. They will be able to maximize the benefits of exercise for children if they are willing to execute the activities competently.

  1. running
  2. jumping jacks
  3. playing hide and seek
  4. playground activities
  5. swimming
  6. playing sports
  7. ball rolls
  8. a walk in the park
  9. dancing
  10. camping games like bear hunting or scavenger hunt
  11. imitating animal walks
  12. obstacle course competition
  13. minor hikejogging with the family
  14. pretend games
  15. flying kites

The number of physical activities to choose from is endless. Any kind of physical activity and exercise will help in keeping their health in good shape. And while you’re at it, include yourself and other family members in the activity as well, this will give them a sense that you are just enjoying as a family making their childhood an unforgettable and important part of their life.


How Much Exercise Does A Child Need

According to research, children and adults need at least an hour of physical activities per day to keep their bodies strong. The activities should include a moderate to vigorous intensity and random exercises that focus on different parts of the body.

Young children from 2 to 5 years old must be encouraged to play activities that will improve their motor skills. Their physical growth and development rely on how active and physically fit they are.

Children and young adults between 6 to 17 years old are advised to perform a variety of physical activities every day. At this period, the parents can start inducing moderate to vigorous yet fun and engaging activities for them.

Adults aging from 18 onwards are encouraged to do at least a 2-hour aerobic workout every day. It can be adjusted according to how intense the routines were. Studies show that a 5-hour per week workout provides many health benefits that not many are aware of. You can get a sports watch at bestsportswatches.com.au for you or your kid to make it fun to watch their time playing.

Whether you are a parent, a guardian, a concerned aunt, or a cool uncle, kids will most likely say yes to any games or physical activity as long as it sounds fun and exciting to them.