How to be a Better Dentist For Kids?

afraid child

Have you ever have a little patient who just doesn’t want his or her teeth to be cleaned? Well, all of the other dentists have. It is estimated that 15% of Americans (a huge part of it kids) are afraid to go to dentists. It’s about 40 million. In this article, we will talk about why kids are afraid. How to make them not be? And especially, how to be a better dentist for kids?

Why are kids afraid of dentists?

We know that some kids are afraid of dentists or clinics. But why are they afraid? The number one source of this fear, according to a study is their parents. It is said that the fear of parents is often passed to their kids. A father’s fears contribute more to kids ages of 7-12 more than their mothers. Other sources of fear:
– Feel or sight of dental instruments
– Unappealing dental surroundings
This fears contribute or sometimes combines. So what can we do to make them be not afraid?

What Can We Do to Make Them Relax Inside The Clinic?

kid in dental chairStart them young. There’s some truth to that. Also, as a dentist, we should be careful about what we say. Things like “Hurt”, “Pain”, and “Blood” should be avoided. Why? Because children have a highly active imagination. Be happy and keep smiling when talking to children. They are emotional creatures. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the parents. Talk to them and lesson them that the fear might instill in children when they themselves are afraid of dental clinics. But talking to parents is a bit difficult. So be sure to be nice and approach it as a suggestion.

But all of that can be avoided. Prevention is better than cure.

Persuade Them To Brush Their Teeth Every Day

Prevention is always better. This a good mindset to be a better dentist for kids. Brushing teeth is vital for a good oral health. But how can we persuade kids to brush their teeth regularly? Some people need reason to do things. This also applies to kids. Giving them reasons that their teeth might get holes can make them brush. Also, let them choose their toothpaste. If they chose it, they have to use it. Why? Because it means they like it. Teach them, to sing alphabet or happy birthday when brushing. Doing so will make the brushing more enjoyable.
Succeeding to do this will help them big time. The kid’s suffering will be reduced because of the good overall oral hygiene.
Giving them a reason, having fun, and not talking about pain will increase your likability. If a child like us, they really do. To wrap this up, you have to “always” remember that it’s our job to be a better dentist for kids.
To know more information regarding this and other related dental concern for kids, try to visit and consult a pediatric dentist by clicking on the link.