Child Nosebleed at Night

child nosebleed at night

Nosebleeds are fairly common; everyone has had at least one in their lifetime. And even it can be a little alarming at times to see blood trickling down from your child’s nostrils, the cause is usually not life-threatening. So, what are the causes of a child nosebleed at night?


Common causes of nighttime nosebleeds


child nosebleed at nightA dry environment. If the weather or the environment in your home is dry, the delicate skin inside the nose can be affected. If your child would pick his nose absent-mindedly, or while sleeping, this can cause bleeding in the already weakened state of the skin in the nose.


Colds or allergies. Allergic reactions can have similar effects on the fragile tissue inside the nose. The same is true for colds, frequent nose blowing can cause the skin to tear, causing the nosebleed. On top of this, nasal congestion can also cause the blood vessels to be widened, making them more susceptible to injury.


Medications. Some medicines can also cause nosebleeds because they would interfere with blood clotting. Children might take nasal sprays, which have a side-effect of nosebleeds. This is because of the steroidal content they have to combat allergies.


Just remember that most of the time, your child’s nosebleed could just mean that they picked their nose too intensely the night before. Many factors can contribute to a nosebleed. But then if you feel that your child is having more nosebleeds than normal, is having trouble breathing, or is pale and disoriented, it would be safe to have your child checked by his pediatrician. Also if your child has chest pain and if the nosebleed has a foul odor, your pediatrician would know how to check what the cause is, and they will be able to tell you if you should be alarmed or not. In the end, the best way to put your mind at ease is to have your child checked.