How to fix broken colored braces of children

Colored Braces

Braces are something that is actually important for children’s dental health. But children do actually hate it. This is because they feel that this will actually make them very boring or uncool in front of their friends. So they basically try to avoid it at all cost. But still, if it’s necessary, then the child should actually use it. And to make the children somehow okay with braces, the colored braces were released. These really helped as the small children found it to be really colorful and attractive. So this was one of the ways where the parents were able to make their children use braces. It is for their own good, and when the children grow up, they understand that.

But then there is this huge thing that actually becomes a cause of worry for the parents. And that thing is that what will happen to their children’s teeth with broken braces. If the braces break, there are actually huge chances that the inner mouth of the child is damaged or gets hurt. But then again, there is nothing too serious about this.

The first thing to do if the braces are broken is to see the amount of damage in the bracket. If the wire is still attached to the bracket, then push it slowly back to its original position using a cotton swab. Then cover it with an orthodontic wax to ensure that it does not poke or trouble the child’s inner lining of the mouth.

Colored BracesSpecial care should be taken if the wires are broken. Then it should be cut using a nail clipper. It should be cut nearest to the teeth so that it does not further trouble the child. Then, seal it with the orthodontic wax for more protection.

And last but not least, make an appointment with the dentist. The dentist is the actual one who can completely remove the braces and put a new one. Keeping broken braces in a child’s mouth is risky. So basically, the above mentioned are just things to do until the child visits the dentist. The rest should be taken care of by the dentist.