The Importance of Dentistry for Children and Teenagers

dentistry for children and teenagers

When it comes to children’s and teenager’s dental health care, the best time to begin is as soon as they develop their primary and permanent teeth. A dental examination for kids and adults is a critical part of preventive health care that’s why, dental visits are very important to keep track of their oral health so their teeth would stay healthy. Proper hygiene (oral) should start as early as infancy,  whether one is nursing or bottle-feeding it’s important to begin some dental care regimen.

There are three main reasons as to why dentistry for children and teenagers is important.The reasons are as follows:

1. Healthy teeth. Although genetics tend to play a role in whether or not you do get cavities, regular brushing will still help care for your gums and teeth according to the website. Regular brushing removes plaque that causes tooth decay, and also stimulated the gums, ultimately preventing gum diseases.

Dentistry for Children and Teenagers2. Disease detection. Visiting your dentist on regularly is important, because, just as a physical doctor would be needed for an individual to be completely sure they are as healthy as a horse, a dentist will do the same for one’s mouth. A dentist would be able to detect a lot more than mere cavities from looking in one’s mouth.       There are a few other diseases that can be discovered upon examinations such as tooth grinding, oral cancers, acid reflux etc. Your dentist is the only one that would help identify these problems with your children or teenagers mouth, which is why regular visits in Southport Park Family Dental are advised.

3. Disease prevention. There are some infections that do start with the mouth, however, they can eventually lead to bigger health concerns. a good example is ‘gingivitis’ is a common tooth gum inflation, that if not treated can then develop into ‘periodontitis’, which ultimately can lead to the loss of one’s teeth. There are other cases of mouth infections, that when the infection is prolonged, can lead to bigger problems such as: Asthma and Stroke


These are just a few reasons as to why dentistry for children and teenagers is of utmost importance, because maintaining good dental health, is as important as maintaining physical health, for all ages. Learn more about dental health topics by visiting this link.