Do braces hurt

man wondering why do braces hurt

Do braces hurt? This is a question that crosses the mind of many people but is rarely asked because they are afraid of the answer. However, the reality is this: when an orthodontist places braces on the teeth, the dental process is relatively quick and completely painless. During orthodontic treatment for kids, most of them have not mentioned any pain during the procedure.

Some orthodontists create a template that is placed on the teeth and showshow long do braces hurt after tightening where the orthodontic bracket should be attached. This precision of placement is the first step in creating a successful dental treatment plan. Attaching the brackets and placing the orthodontic wire will take about two hours for your orthodontist. However, there is no discomfort during this time as cement is applied to the tooth surface, the bracket is placed and the cement is then cured in this non-invasive procedure.

Placing the wire that puts your teeth in the right position is a painless process. First, a light wire is used to allow teeth, gums, and bones to adapt to this gentle pressure. Light pressure is often the word by which patients describe the sensation of tooth movement.

So what can cause mild discomfort in the first week of wearing orthodontic braces? The fact that you have braces on your teeth means that the inside of your cheeks and lips can be slightly tender in the first few days. However, applying some orthodontic wax to certain areas prevents the tenderness of the cheeks and lips. Your orthodontic team will likely provide you with plenty of wax to minimize pain. If you are accustomed to eating sticky, viscous food, you will have to make different choices, as orthodontic braces require soft, non-sticky food to be eaten so as not to be peeled off. If you are unable to eat your ordinary toffee, it can be annoying for you. However, avoiding it during orthodontic treatment will ensure that the brackets remain in place and the cables are not pulled out.

Getting orthodontic braces is an exciting time and should not be overshadowed by false information about pain. Once you put on your braces for a week, you’ll forget they’re there, and you’ll just think about your new smile.