Effects of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse on Children

domestic violence and child abuse

Having children can be the hardest responsibility an adult will have in his or her life. In the ideal setting, the mother is the one who takes care of the children and attends with their needs. The father provides for the family in order for the kids to have the ability to go to school and grow up as model citizens.

However, the picture of a happy family life may not happen if the children’s family setting is dysfunctional. Domestic violence and child abuse can occur in some situation. It can happen due to behavioral issues of one parent or even both.

Effects of Domestic Violence:

If the parents usually argue even caused by small issues, domestic violence may occur. This is when the father becomes violent to the mother and their children are their witnesses.

  1. This has a bad effect on the child’s well-being and developmental growth.
  2. It may cause them to distrust adults and resort to lying to avoid getting confronted.
  3. Children who are exposed to domestic violence my think that it is acceptable behavior and they can also repeat the same thing when they already have their own family.

Effects of Child Abuse:

Child abuse can be traumatic for anyone. It leaves a lot of bad memories to them and may still remember it for their whole life.

  1. domestic violence and child abuseEmotional Scar

The child will develop low self-esteem and tend to be shyer than normal kids. They even feel guilty and think that it is their fault why it happened to them.

  1. Physical Health

Aside from the bruises or fractures, the child might get from an abusive adult, child abuse may lead to physical issues like the inability to walk due to physical damage. Their health may also suffer if they resist eating as well.

  1. Bad effect on their well-being

Since the child has been traumatized at an early stage, he or she might be drug dependent later in life. It can also affect their mental health and coping mechanism.