Effects Of Childhood Obesity

Effects Of Childhood Obesity

The effects of obesity on children are unfortunately too frequent. We live in a time when the number of obese and overweight children doubles every two decades. With this explosion of new overweight children, we have to understand the effects of childhood obesity to be able to act more decisively. Follow on websites that teach you healthy ways and methods to avoid obesity in your children.

Obesity in children can cause two types of problems: physical and emotional.

Physical Aspect

First, let’s examine the physical aspect to see what kind of disease can be caused by childhood obesity.

Type 2 diabetes 

Type 2 diabetes is often caused by poor diet and lethargic behavior. It is a chronic disease, but it can be reversed simply by eating healthy foods. The number of cases of type 2 diabetes has increased dramatically in the last decade. This coincides with the increase in overweight in children.

Metabolic syndrome

It is more a combination of diseases combined into one. This condition can cause several things, such as heart problems and diabetes.

Childhood ObesityHypertension and high cholesterol

It’s amazing, but obese children can develop high blood pressure and cholesterol. These are conditions that we associate with the elderly, which is one of the harmful effects of childhood obesity.


If a child is overweight, they may develop respiratory problems or end up with poorly developed lungs.

Early puberty 

Obesity leads to hormonal imbalances. This can cause children to enter puberty at a young age and can even cause girls to menstruate too early.

Sleep disorders 

As is often the case in overweight adults, overweight children can also develop problems sleeping. This can be a very serious problem. If your child is overweight, listen to him while he is sleeping to see if he is breathing properly.

Emotional Aspect

Effects on emotions are not as dangerous as effects on the body. However, there are serious negative effects on the emotional health of an overweight child

Low self-esteem 

It is easy for an overweight child to develop low self-esteem. Often other children will make fun of them. If this becomes too serious, it could lead to depression.