Essential Baby Care Tips

Essential Baby

The joy of having a baby can’t be compared to anything on Earth. And this feeling is what most people crave for, the process of pregnancy or adoption can be really long and soon to be parents can’t just wait to hold their babies in their arms. But taking good care of a baby is a challenge for a lot of parents because they just can’t understand their little ones.

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We all know babies can’t tell us what they need and this makes taking care of babies a difficult process. Parents just don’t know if their baby is crying to be fed or if he/she is crying due to diaper issues or pain. So how do you overcome these challenges to raise a happy and healthy child?

Essential Baby Care Tips Just For You

  1. Rashes

Rashes are hurdles every baby has to overcome but you don’t need to panic because it is normal for children to have a baby rash called millia, and this occurs as a result of different factors which ranges from exposure to air (normal) or a reaction to baby products (contact your doctor for this).

  1. Candidiasis

Candidiasis which is also called Oral Trush is a common infection amongst babies, this infection doesn’t cause pain and will be gone without medication, Candidiasis usually appears as a natural coating on the gums, cheeks, skin (sometimes), and on the tongue.

  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most important part of raising a happy and healthy child. Mothers are advised to breastfeed their babies for a year (no solid food should be given for the first six months) because breastmilk has all the natural nutrients needed for the growth and development of a healthy baby. It’s also known to create a bond between the mother and the child.

  1. Cradle Cap

This is a yellowish skin rash that is usually greasy and appears on the scalp, it is normal and happens to most babies, and baby oil can be added to the hair of the baby frequently to reduce this, but always remember to wash the baby’s hair.

  1. Essential BabyTeething

This is a process which every baby undergoes, and this is known to cause pain, illness, and discomfort in some children, it’s a sign your child is ready to eat solid food, but you can ease the discomfort through a teether or gum massage.

  1. Urine And Stools

You should be concerned when your baby experienced difficulties while trying to poo or when his/her poo is hard, contact your doctor if the urine of your baby is red or very brown.

  1. Immunization

Immunization is a process which gives your child’s body the ability to produce antibodies which help in the fight against diseases, a shot (immunization) should never be forgotten and should be given when due, so seek advice from your doctor.