Healthy Teeth For Little Ones

It’s estimated that by the time about 40% of little ones will have entered a Kindergarten they’ll at least have one cavity. More importantly is the fact that the overall health of your little one will in a great way be influenced by how healthy his/her teeth are. If you consider these facts then the argument that has always been advanced by some parents that since baby teeth eventually will fall out they don’t need that much care,don’t matter, isn’t true.

Baby teeth serve the function of being placeholders for the eventual permanent adult teeth.If the little one’s teeth are not healthy there’s no way the child will magically have healthy adult teeth.The only best way to be able to guarantee healthy teeth until his/her adult life is by inculcating in her/him the proper dental habits to be observed. One of the proper dental habits the child should learn is how to properly brush his/her teeth. Consequently, here are some other tips to ensure healthy teeth for little ones.

  • Healthy eating– The little ones should be able to consume a diet that’s well-balanced and are nutritional for the purpose of having a healthy body overall and of course promoting a healthy smile. Sugary foods should be avoided. Proteins and lean meat (chicken, turkey, and white fish) are recommended to be consumed by a child as they help in strengthening tooth. Consumption of fruits and vegetables is important in helping clean the little one’s teeth.


  • Let your little one pick his or her own toothpaste and toothbrush-If you are to go shopping make sure that you are accompanied by your child, to pick supplies that appeal to him/her, to make the start of the experience fun. Also make sure that you are able to find toothpaste with a flavor that’s pleasant in the child’s mouth. Furthermore, make sure that the brush chosen has softer and smaller bristles for the child’s little mouth.



In conclusion, another proper habit for ensuring healthy teeth for little ones is to make sure that that a specific and a regular time is dedicated to teeth brushing.If the brushing time approaches and the child don’t show a willingness to brush,you must stand firm in a good way and let him/her know that there’s no other option.