How Do I Choose A Good Kid Dentist For My Child?

female dentist and patient

It can be quite frustrating for a parent when their child experiences dental pain all of a sudden. Another thing that makes it harder for them to deal with the situation is the usual fear of children with dentists. But don’t worry because, in this article, we are going to share tips on how to choose a good kid dentist. One of the many things that a pediatric dentist should be able to provide a free kids dental check-up from time to time.


What Are Pediatric Dentists

In general, dentists spent years of training to gain knowledge and experience in their chosen profession. But dentistry does not end in general treatments, some opt to train for pediatric dentistry to fully equip themselves in treating kids. Choosing pediatric dentists is better if the patient is a child because they are much aware of the teeth development in kids as well as the dental problem that a kid might encounter growing up.

Moreover, a kid dentist is also much capable of handling child tantrums as it is included in their practice. Apparently, some of them opt for treating children because of their unusual love for young dental patients.


What Does A Kid Dentist Do

Pediatric dentists can basically perform all basic dental routines and the things that a general dentist does as well. However, they also take care of a child’s dental health with the following:

  • Educating them about nutrition. Kids don’t often listen to their parents when they are warned about the dangers of eating specific foods. A kid dentist can help children understand that eating sweets too often can destroy their teeth.
  • Advice for parents. If a parent is very much concerned about their child’s dental health, the dentist can enlighten them thoroughly about taking care of their child’s teeth.
  • Correcting unhealthy habits. Your kid dentist can help you in handling your child’s unhealthy habits such as thumb sucking and teeth grinding. It’s important to correct these habits as early as possible to prevent dental damages in the future.

Usual Dental Procedures

Some of the things that the kid dentist might do during your visit are as follows:

  • Sealants
  • Routine checkup
  • X-ray examination
  • Dental Fillings (usually for cavities)
  • Braces for kids
  • Fluoride treatments


Traits Of A Good Kid Dentist

dentist teaching oral careAs a parent, your child’s welfare is one of your top priorities. That is why it is important to choose a dentist that can meet your child’s needs without frightening them. Pediatric dentists must have the following qualities to ensure that kids are comfortable in any kind of procedure:

  1. Must be able to provide a child-friendly clinic. The clinic does not need to look like a playground at all, it just needs to be safe and inviting for kids to actually want to stay.
  2. Approachable staff. A kid dentist must also make sure that his staff are as warm and caring as he is. They will represent the dental office as a whole and if a kid encounters unfriendly personnel, they might feel scared all throughout their treatment.
  3. Patient. Kids can be moody sometimes so patience is a must.
  4. Authoritative. It’s important for a kid to know that even though the dentist is friendly, he is still someone that he needs to obey and follow.