Kids Activities To Avoid Obesity

Kids Activities

Statistics show that 1/3 of children in the States are obese or overweight, and that number is continuing to rise every single day. This is quite risky because that means that they have a higher risk of continuing to be overweight during adolescence and adulthood. Although children tend to have fewer weight-related medical and health problems, when they carry that weight in adulthood they can develop chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases later in life. Now, what can a parent do to keep a child healthy?

It’s best to avoid being obese while still young, parents can do some recommended activities for their children’s health. Parents can also opt for chumpy children liposuction to remove the excess weight their children have.

Follow these suggested activities for your children:

  1. Outdoor participation and plays

These may include kids activities like Hide and seek, Tag, Hokey pokey and Follow the leader. Kids are naturally curious and competitive, so for most of them, enthusiasm for these type of games will come naturally. A good thing about outdoor plays is they are recreational as well as educational. One such game can be four squares which teach kids how to count. This is good for them since most of the kids are active learners.

  1. Kids joining clubs

Parents should encourage kids to join sports or any other activity clubs like dance or chess which can help them develop an interest to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Clubs also inject discipline and help build positive behaviors in kids like teamwork and commitment.

  1. Reducing sedentary time

Children should be limited on how much time they spend watching TVs, surfing the web and playing video games to not more than two hours a day. Furthermore, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAC) doesn’t recommend TV watching for kids less than two years. Children should be encouraged to do fun activities on their own or with family members.

  1. Kids ActivitiesFamily playing time

When adults engage in activities with kids, they become better role models for them. The chairman of AAC said that kids really mimic what their parents do, and that includes physical activities. Family time can develop a very positive mindset in children, and make them practice skills easily.

  1. Getting in touch with mother nature

Planting with kids is not such a bad idea. Kids can be introduced to gardening at an early stage. Giving a kid a plant to take care of can assist in developing a sense of responsibility in them.

Children should engage in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day. This can range from moderate to minimum. For kids to be physically active, parents have a big role to play In terms of encouragement, and being able to offer a mixture of both outdoor and indoor activities to keep kids busy.

When a kid is socially active, it will help greatly reduce obesity and help them know how to live a healthy lifestyle from early ages. It also boosts their self-esteem.