Two Of The Best Kids Fitness Trackers And How To Use Them

Recently kids fitness tracker has become famous. However, there is one feature of activity tracking which many people never thought about. Initially, fitness trackers were designed for adults, but nowadays companies have produced kids fitness tracker.

It’s important for your kids to be fit and healthy. If you neglect their health, it may cause more complicated disease such as obesity. Obesity is a condition where there is excess fat in your body. Exercise and surgeries are available for you to get rid of the excess fat in your body. Bariatric Surgery, liposuction and tummy tuck are surgeries which you can undergo to lose excess fat.

Here are the best fitness trackers for kids.


It’s a wrist-worn gadget that is designed with an already installed pedometer. It has it’s own buttons and color screen. Leapfrog is water resistant; therefore no worry even when kids are playing with water. It has about eight virtual pets: penguin, panda, dragon, cat, dog, monkey, and unicorn, and robot. The kid is required to feed those pets when playing the games found in this device. Some of the games found in leapfrog device are pet salon, rhythm-based dance and catch-the-healthy food game. Playing the games correctly assist the kids to earn points which are linked to the main game.

To encourage the kids, the game has 10 seconds activities, which guide your children to engage in different activities to earn points. Conversely, if you would like to sync the data activity, you require to connect the device to the computer via USB cable. Furthermore, when syncing data, you are also able to control the parental setting or install extra activities.


This tracker is meant for kids between 5 and 13 years. Kidfit aim at tracking sleep, unlike other trackers that aim at tracking calorie level in the body. The kid must earn 100 points the kids plays the game the points increases. The merit of this is that you can customize the game goals. When the kid is playing on a given goal the, the tracker will send an encouraging message to the kid to continue playing. The message increases the level of confidence to kids, this makes the kid aggressive and keep playing comfortably. This device comes in fours colors hot pink, black, aqua, and yellow. Furthermore, the device is also waterproof, so you are not worried when your children get in the water with it. The device has one year warranty.

In summary, the above are the two familiar kids trackers. However, when using them advice always to be active to stay healthy.