Kids Massage: How Is It Beneficial At Such A Young Age?

massage therapist massaging the little boy

In this current situation that we have, there are plenty of things that we usually stress about. Sometimes, we lose control of the things happening in our lives. However, it is equally important to relax from your stress once in a while. You, together with your kids, can consider having a massage.

In reality, is kids massage appropriate? Are the kids suitable for this kind of therapy? Let’s find out as we go along this article.


Why do kids need a massage?

little baby having a massageMassage therapy is beneficial no matter what the age is. It could either be for infants, toddlers, child, teens, adults or the elderlies. Massage therapy provides general benefits, including relaxation, reduces muscle tension and pain as well as improves mobility. This makes massage applicable to various ages.

As for kids, how is it beneficial? Nowadays, kids already have a lot in their plates. They even face things that tend to complicate their lifestyles. This includes stress at school, peer pressure, family issues, fast-changing technology, competition (either sports or at school), daily chores, and there could be more.

In this case, as parents, they should assist their kids accordingly. No matter how active your children might be, we cannot remove the fact that they are still kids. Kids who keep struggling to maintain their pace in this fast-changing world and still need assistance.

Additionally, we can try doing something for them to make them relax from all the stress they are experiencing. In this case, a massage can be an option for you.


Applying kids massage and its benefits

A massage therapist knows how they should apply massage therapy to your kids. They trained accordingly to provide the right type of massage appropriate for kids. A trained massage therapist can help your kids achieve the following benefits:

  1. Massage therapy can help reduce the stress of your kids. Yes! At an early age, your kids can already experience stress that can give them headaches. Instead of providing them with pain relievers, application of massage therapy is a lot better. A massage in the neck, head and shoulder will contribute to reducing tension headaches as well as lowering the production of stress hormones in their body.
  2. It can help promote better sleep patterns. Sleep is an essential factor for the continuous growth and development of children. Sleeping patterns could become irregular at certain times because of the changes in daily routines and also if one acquired an illness. In this case, a massage using calming oils can help restore good sleeping patterns. Examples of calming oils are lavender, chamomile, or a lemon balm. These calming oils are good for reducing anxiety.
  3. It brings comfort to your kids, who are not feeling well. Being inside a hospital adds up to the fuel of stress for your kids (not to mention the stress of the parents during this condition). On the condition that the kids are experiencing this, a massage can calm and soothe the child. It will help reduce the stress level as well as increase blood flow and oxygen. However, on the condition that kids are excessively not feeling well, the doctor is the main person to check them up.
  4. If your kid has issues related to ADHD or autism, it can help in improving their short term mood and also their behaviour patterns.


Other types of massage techniques for kids

a little girl relaxed with a massageBefore applying any massage technique, it is better to ensure that it is appropriate for your kids based on their age. Remember, not all types of massage are suitable for your children. It is important to know the details about the massage techniques first before you apply.

  1. Tonifying the spleen meridian: It is the process of stroking the thumb starting from the tip down to its root for a minute. It is beneficial to the digestive system.
  2. Spine pinching: You will place your fingers on each side of the base of the spine. Afterwards, you will start pinching and rolling the skin upwards up to the base of the neck. This massage is beneficial to the whole body, either kids or adults.
  3. Kneading the knee: On the outer calf, of about four fingers under the knee, press this spot. Do this until they start to feel numbness and soreness. This type of massage is also ideal for the digestive system.


Simple reminders!

Doing massage therapy to your kids can develop a better connection between the two of you. The health and well-being of kids are equally important as those of the adults. Since kids are not yet fully developed about this, parents and guardians are the mere responsible for assisting and guiding them.

The young ones are more active at their age. It would be beneficial to teach them to manage their stress in ways they can easily understand. It is a relief to have happier and healthier kids around.