6 Reasons Why Kids With Rotten Teeth Always Happen

6 Reasons Why Kids With Rotten Teeth Always Happen

Untreated rotten teeth may have various consequences for the child. Many case studies from dentistry experts point that one out of five children (5 to 11 years) and one out of seven children (12 to 19 years) may have dental caries or tooth decay. This data is alarming as it points out many families may be neglecting their child’s health. If you see symptoms of bleeding gums, bring your child to a periodontist. Besides, an excellent way to take care of your child is to have routine dental checkups regularly. You may want to know why kids with rotten teeth always occur by reading more information below.


What Does Rotten Teeth Indicate?

A sudden toothache at night can disturb a child’s peaceful sleep. The pain may indicate that your child already has yellow or brown teeth due to cavities and plaque. Your kids with rotten teeth may suffer more consequences like gum diseases. Other symptoms that you may want to watch out for are your child’s teeth grinding (bruxism). A problem with rotting molars and incisors may also lead to tooth loss. While rotten teeth may look decaying in physical appearance, it doesn’t exempt pearly white teeth. Only a certified dentist will be able to look into your child’s dental concerns carefully.


Look Out! These Are The Most Common Dental Problems For Kids:

  • Gum Disease – Periodontitis For Infants And Toddlers Without Teeth
  • Bad Breath ­– Bad breath or Halitosis Occurs In Any Age
  • Loose Tooth – May either come from an accident or your child’s curiosity
  • Sensitive Teeth – Signs of cavities, plaque, tartar, or calculus build-up
  • Dental Anxiety – Trauma or phobia of a child visiting a dentist
  • Teeth Misalignment – Correct teeth alignment is important


Which Dentist Can Provide Kid’s Dental Care?

A dentist visit is not a daily task that your kids may need. However, if you see signs as indicated above, there is no other time than now. A dentist is the only expert that can analyze and diagnose mouth problems. However, it would help if you chose a pediatric dentist that may give services appropriate for any kids’ age. Photos of previous procedures can boost the credibility and quality that the clinic or private office can show new patients.


6 Causes Of Kids With Rotten Teeth 

Kids With Rotten Teeth

Photos of children with decay are not what you want to hang up in your lounge area. So, you may have started clearing out these pictures instead of looking for online tips to remove plaque and dirt. Have you tried to buy products to ensure your kid’s bad breath or yellow tooth goes away? If the problem persists, you may want to know the real causes of kids with rotten teeth


Improper Dental Routine

Do you monitor your kid’s health? If you’re a keen parent, you should brush your young ones’ teeth and gums. Improper dental care can be a bad memory on photos or stock pictures when they grow up. If you’re hoping for the best on your child’s growth and development, make sure that improper dental routine is addressed before they become preadolescents. You should call an emergency dentist if your child experiences unbearable pain.


Their Food And Drink Choices

Sugary (sweets) foods and an unhealthy diet may become the hardest enemy to fight during a dental disease issue. Many children choose to eat unhealthy food if they lack discipline from eating what is right for them. Parents must ensure that they’re giving the right and proper diet plans for their kids to benefit from these as an adult. You may also look for recipes like soft foods to remedy toothaches and pain relief. 


Putting Baby Into Bed With Bottles

A mother or father may want to put their baby to sleep quickly by using an infant bottle or a pacifier. The tendency of babies sucking these products may lead to malocclusion or misalignment of teeth. It may also be best to train your kids to avoid thumb sucking as another bad habit that they may learn.


Delay In Treatment

If you already know that symptoms of dental diseases are present in your child’s teeth, don’t delay the essential dentistry treatment. Don’t stock your kid’s dental appointments and go when the health problem is getting worse. Early prevention is the best approach if you want your children to be safe from further adverse effects. Also, you may save on the costs of procedures if you treat the diseases right away. 


Accidents And Injury

A physically fit and active child can get injured from their favorite sports or hobby. It is crucial for parents to invest in custom mouthguards to prevent dangerous impacts or blows in the mouth. Moreover, if your child has a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to go to a hospital or clinic for their treatment. Plastic surgery may only be advisable for kids with severe injuries or traumatic impact that can lead to rotten teeth. 


Medical Conditions

Kids With Rotten Teeth Treatment

Apart from the development of bacteria and germs in the mouth, children can acquire congenital and dental disabilities from birth. Infants born with facial and jaw disorders may receive surgery from an oral and maxillofacial dentist. However, if your child can receive orthodontic treatment like braces, it may be the best option. 


The Parent’s Responsibility For Their Kid’s Dental Care

It is not shocking news for families to see horrid appearances of a tooth if they aren’t starting habits of disease prevention. The responsibility of a parent to treat their kid’s health starts with their practice. If a parent doesn’t take care of his or her teeth, their child will copy them. Hence, parents should be the role model of a child when it comes to oral healthcare routine. Dentists also recommend parents to have a dental check up every six months. This routine will prevent the number of kids with decayed teeth per year.