Is It Safe to Breastfeed With a Leaking Breast Implant?

leaking breast implant

Becoming a mother is one of the most gratifying experiences of any woman’s existence. It’s also, the desire of every mother to see her child not only grow well but also thrive in life. Did you know that WHO states that exclusive breastfeeding alone for the first six months of a child’s life can contribute to this? In fact, evidence shows that failure to exclusively breastfeed your child may affect the cognitive and physical development of a child in its first two years of growth which impacts negatively on the performance in school and life later on.

Therefore, given that 5% of women in the United States have taken steps to augment their breasts, there is a growing concern on whether implants can affect breastfeeding or more importantly, whether a leaking breast implant can harm breast milk. Before getting a breast implant, voice out all your concerns to your Breast Implants Perth surgeon.

It Is Possible, and It Is Safe. But breast implants can inhibit maximum production of breast milk in some instances. It’s important to know that this varies depending on the type of surgery undertaken, the extent of damage to the milk ducts during the procedure, as well as the volume of glandular tissue before and after the operation.

Secondly, implants are either silicone or saline. The former contains both silicon and platinum while the latter consists of saline. In the event of blunt force trauma or aggressive growth of breast tissue, the implant may rupture causing it to leak.

In such instances, saline has been shown to have no side effect on the mother’s body as well as that of the child. Silicone or platinum, on the other hand, is not absorbed in a child’s GI tract and exhibits no ill effect on the mother. In fact, a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advocates breastfeeding among women with silicone implants.

Though a leaking breast implant deserves immediate medical attention, the takeaway point is that it does not harm breast milk.

Therefore, if you choose to take steps to augment your breasts and still intend to breastfeed in the future, opting for surgical procedures that cause the least amount of scaring to the tissues responsible for milk production is critical. leaking breast implantConsultations with your surgeon prior to the surgery as well as a nutritionist after the procedure are therefore in order.

Granted that advancements in modern technology such as breast implants can now support ambitions to look amazing and beautiful. It should not come at the cost of affecting the functionality of targeted organs. The elegance of form following function will always reign supreme, and this article provides insights on the steps to take in achieving this.