Pediatric Mouth Guard for Toddlers

Is your toddler dealing with teeth grinding during sleep? You are not alone, parents every year reports this. The good news is, the child eventually outgrows it. Nonetheless, when the child complains about a sore jaw, or ear ache, we are sometimes at our wits end as to what to do. These complains should never be neglected as they may be symptoms of an oral problem. Thankfully, there’s now a pediatric mouth guard for toddlers that can prevent the worst to happen and keep their oral health stable. Learn the importance of children oral health at

Teeth grinding is not limited to children, it is reported in some adult as well. It can be mild to severe. Some children who grind their teeth end up with nasty headache, ear aches, gum recession, tooth loss, damage to tooth structure, sore jaw, chirped teeth and others prompting a visit to the dentist.

What are the likely causes of teeth grinding and how can a parent deal with it? pediatric mouth guard for teeth grinding

In some cases, it is related to anxiety and stress. Having a new sibling can affect the toddler in many untold ways. Some cases of teeth grinding is related to sleep apnea.

What do you do to minimize the risk of your toddler injuring herself and getting relief from teeth grinding?

The dental approach is to take the child to a dentist to have the teeth re-shapened to fix the edge, in some cases a dental crown or dental filling is what it takes. Alternatively, you can buy a pediatric mouth guard for toddlers over the counter. A mouth guard easily protects your toddler’s teeth from the impact of grinding. Usually made of rubber, it fits perfectly into the upper teeth and protects the teeth from and against the harmful impact of teeth grinding.

Children in sporting activities are now encouraged to wear mouh guard to protect their teeth from impact. Making it even more attractive to get the toddler to use one.

When the child wears this, it protects the child from injury to the tooth and its supporting structure as the dental guard adequately cushion the effect of likely trauma to the gum. It does not affect the sleeping pattern of the child, so it is suitable to be worn overnight for protection.