What Are The Signs Of A Broken Nose In A Child?

signs of a broken nose in a child

There are many signs of a broken nose in a child. This article will talk about the causes of nasal fracture, how to tell when a child has a broken nose and what adults can do to help. Experts say that according to an article at www.aurhinoplastysydney.com.au, child rhinoplasty can help children fix a broken nose. Read more on that topic in the link provided.


What is a nasal fracture?

A nasal fracture involves a break in one or more bones in the nose. Although a broken nose is more common in adults, it may also happen to children because the nasal bone is the most common bone to be broken in the face. The reason for this is because the lower part of the bone ion the nose is thinner than the upper part. This is the part of the nose that is most commonly broken.


Causes of nasal fracture

When a person experiences an injury to the nose, most of the time, the injury will cause a break in the nasal bone.signs of a broken nose in a child

A fall. If a person falls and has trauma to their nose, it may cause a nasal fracture.

Sports. If a person practices rough sports, especially contact sports, there is a chance that they will get their nose broken while practicing these sports, especially if they are not careful and do not wear proper protective gear while playing.

An accident. An accident can also cause a nasal fracture if the nose will be hit.

Getting into a fight. If a person gets into a fistfight and has their nose hit by their opponent, their nose can be broken if the other person hits it in the right spot.

Abuse. Abuse can cause a broken nose if the abuser hits the nasal area.


Signs of nasal fracture

It is easy to look out for signs of a broken nose in a child. Here is a lost of signs that a parent or guardian can look out for when trying to check for a nasal fracture in children.

Nosebleed. If you notice that your child has a nosebleed right after hitting their head, it may be a sign of a nasal fracture.

Swelling. If swelling is present in the nasal area, it may be a sign of a fracture.

Bruising. Bruising in the nasal area or below the eye can be a sign of a broken nose.

Pain. Pain is one of the most telltale signs that there may be something wrong with the nose of a person.

Difficulty in breathing. If a person has a difficult time breathing through the nose, it may be a sign that the nasal bone is broken and causing an obstruction to the nasal passage.

Odd shape of the nose. If the nose of a person has an odd shape, it may also be a sign that the nose is broken.

What you can do

If your child displays any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above, take them to a doctor right away. A doctor will be able to help, they will be able to make sure that there will only be minimal damage, and for the child to have pain relief from the nasal fracture.