Positive Effects Of The Smile Of A Child On Their Lives

close up child with smile

The smile of a child can drastically change an adult’s mood. Of course, we all know that smiling makes us spirits better. But did you know that a child’s smile is thousand times more powerful than ours? Moreover, their smile is also contagious. Therefore, if you spend most of your time with a child, then you’re probably smiling more every single day. In line with this, dentists promote dental care for children to ensure that they maintain their beautiful smiles as they age. Click on this page: https://suresmiledental.com.au/kids-dentistry-coopers-plains to know more about healthy habits and health goals to keep them smiling.



Facts About A Child’s Smile

  • little boy and girl happyChildren have 20 teeth in total. They have ten teeth from the top and ten on the bottom. Their baby teeth or primary teeth should emerge around their fourth to the sixth month, and all teeth must have erupted when they turn 3. This makes their smile even more captivating.
  • These are just temporary teeth that hold the place of permanent teeth for some time. All of their baby teeth will fall off once they reach the age of six to eight.
  • Their baby teeth will be replaced by 32 permanent teeth, including 12 molars, eight premolars, eight incisors, and four canines.
  • The development of their permanent teeth is critical and could affect children’s health. Parents should start teaching dental care to children once their baby teeth erupted. Moreover, taking them to their dentist every six months will help ensure that their teeth grow correctly.

As parents, you need to guarantee that your child’s smile will always be as bright as it could be. Teaching them the proper way to brush their teeth and flossing once a day goes a long way. Once they learned the basics of oral care routine, they will carry the parents’ methods.



Why Should A Child Smile More

It’s no secret that a child’s smile is contagious and can make everyone around them happy as well. But what benefits do they get if they smile more often? Here are the reasons why a child should smile frequently:

  1. Smiling boosts your immune system. When we smile, our body becomes relaxed and at ease. This helps our immune system to function properly and makes our health goals more achievable.
  2. It’s an effective stress reliever, and it’s free! Adults tend to spend money on services to relieve stress. But as a matter of fact, you can feel better just by smiling.
  3. A child should smile more to achieve their goals. Did you know that smiling can open lots of opportunities for you? Studies show that those who smile more have a higher chance of succeeding in career and achieving life goals.
  4. A smile introduces you to new friends! Friends are essential people in our lives; they are like our second family we laugh with and spend time with. If you want to have plenty of friends, you should smile more often to attract kind people in your life.
  5. Smiling is contagious. When a child smiles, almost everyone around them smiles as well. This is called the domino effect, and it’s a good thing.



How To Make Your Child Smile

playing with kidsPromoting healthy habits and encouraging kids to have health goals is vital in boosting children’s health. One of the best ways to know that a child is healthy is if they smile all the time. How would you help them smile always? Here are the tricks:

  • Family bonding time.
  • Play with them.
  • Help them achieve the required health goals for kids by making their meals easy on the eyes and tasty.
  • Tell them you love them.
  • Reward them for good deeds.
  • Give them hugs and kisses
  • Do crazy things with them.







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