Squeezable Fruit Snacks Could Decay Kid’s Teeth

Squeezable Fruit Snacks

Squeezable Fruit SnacksBusy parents find they can easily nourish their kids with squeezable fruit snacks, so they rely heavily on it because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and easily outperforms regular snacks that typically require eating utensils. What’s more? Kids love it because it’s sweet and they can usually enjoy it while playing, without having to settle down to eat it. So, all is well that ends well right? Not so fast!

Actually, teeth experts warn that the sugar deposits that follows the consumption of this convenient and enjoyable snack causes tooth decay for kids, and adults (who sneak up ’on and consume these cool snack too). So when you put side by side this potential health risk with all the benefits it brings, are squeezable fruit snacks really worth it?

Some brands are quick to promote themselves as offering 100% organic fruit with no sugars added, but a closer look reveals otherwise. For instance, as long as apple is not consumed in its natural state, processed versions boil down to sugar surrounded by other substance. And unless parents and guardians take it upon themselves to brush kid’s teeth after every serving, it can contribute to tooth decay.


Bear in mind that if taken in moderation, along with the above precaution, it may not lead to tooth decay. According to Mark S. Wolff, PhD from the New York University College of Dentistry, “It’s a convenience food, and if you said to me ‘I’m taking my child out for the day and it’s easier than
carrying a bottle around’ — that’s not a terrible thing, because it’s occasional.” He continues, “If, on the other hand, the parent gives their child a pouch to suck on every time the child makes noise, or if the child is getting put to bed with this, you’ll have an issue.”


Apparently, asking parents to stop giving their kids squeezable fruit snacks may be a very tall order even with the attendant risk. So, things can be put under control as long as children’s teeth are brushed twice a day and parents make sure kids rinse their teeth with water after they take the fruit snack.