How To Make A Teeth Brushing Chart For Your Child

What are the advantages of making a teeth brushing chart for your child? What are the advantages to having a brushing chart? This article will talk about how to make a brushing chart, and what it can do for your child. After reading the article, you can click this link to get more information about how to properly clean your child’s teeth with water and a soft toothbrush.

How to make a teeth brushing chart

A tooth brushing chart is meant to remind children to brush their teeth in distinct times of the day. Making a teeth brushing chart is fairly easy. As a parent, you can make it as colorful as you’d like, you can make it interactive, to peek the interest of your child in using the chart. Here is a guide on how you can make a chart, you can customize it as you see fit.

Take a blank sheet of paper

The first step is to make a grid on this sheet of paper. Make a 7×3 grid. Seven squares for the seven days of the week and three squares to represent the number of times the child should be encouraged to brush each day.

Decorate the chart

Make it colorful, to ensure that it captures the attention of your child. If your child has any interests, such as dinosaurs, unicorns or maybe sea creatures, make the design depict what currently sparks their interest.

Have them tick of the squares that are under the respective days

When they are able to remember to brush their teeth, have them tick off each square. Make an agreement with your child as to the reward system if they are able to fill in all the squares for a certain day or week.

You can customize the way this chart is made. You can use a whiteboard instead of paper. Just use a permanent marker to mark out the grid and your design. Have your child use a whiteboard marker to tick off the squares.

The advantages of having a teeth brushing chart

Encouraging a child to practice good oral health habits is a good way to ensure that they carry these habits until adolescence and adulthood. Teaching them the proper way to brush and floss will keep oral issues at bay and will help them strengthen their teeth and gums.

Oral hygiene at a young age

It is important to have your child know about and practice good oral hygiene habits from a young age.

They will not be frightened of the dentist

Along with making a teeth brushing chart for your child, you should also take them to visit a dentist at a young age. The dentist will be able to help children learn the proper way to brush their teeth and fulfill the purpose of the teeth brushing chart.

Children will be prompted to remember to brush their teeth

The best thing you will get out of having a teeth brushing chart is that the children will always remember to brush their teeth. This will have a good effect on them, especially in the long run.