Tooth Abscess In Children

tooth abscess in children

Tooth abscess in children is the deep infections in the gums, together with the surrounding tissue. Infection if left untreated may spread to the other parts of the body. In serious cases, this can be life-threatening. The children’s broken tooth or untreated cavity can cause tooth abscess that can be horrendously painful. But through quick dental care with the help of dentists from DentalSpot Burwood, the abscess pain will decrease quickly.

Common Causes

The cavities are the common cause of tooth abscess in children. When the cavity is failed to be treated by the dentist, it will grow larger, distributing to the gums or breaking the bone and tooth structure. The broken teeth from the physical trauma can also cause tooth abscesses. The tooth crack allows the bacteria enter to the system, hence causing the cyst, which is painful. Both permanent teeth and baby teeth can develop tooth abscesses; therefore, any dental pain to the children require the care by the dentist. tooth abscess in children


The well-known symptoms for the tooth abscess in children is a pain. The children can experience throbbing at a place where there is tooth decay, and the pain is often severe. The dental pain can also go to the neck and ears, muscle tension, sore jaws, and causing earaches. Mild tooth pain, which becomes excellent over some days, typically indicates the abscess. The children with the dental abscesses can even suffer from fevers. Once your children have a fever and the mouth pain, call the dentist immediately because the infection may be severe.


For tooth abscess, the dentist can perform the root canal or even build the crown given that the condition is severe. The dentist can also prescribe the pain medication if the child has severe pain. For the treatment of pain at home, you can ask the pediatrician to give your children the over-the-counter pain reliever like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Cold compresses can reduce swelling, and also washing the mouth using warm salt water will ease the gum pain. You can apply the baby teething gels straight to the gums in a way to numb where there is a pain.