What Does An Abscessed Tooth Look Like In A Child? Needs Dental Care!

What does an abscessed tooth look like in a child? It could be painful so go get your dentist's help.

What does an abscessed tooth look like in a child? How would you know that your child has this dental issue? A pediatric dentist can help you address this dental issue. You can go to MLD Burwood’s clinic and book an appointment with them. They have sufficient experience in providing dental care for children. Go to Lyndarum Dentists’ clinic located in Epping if you’re looking for a child-friendly clinic.


What does an abscessed tooth look like in a child?

Little girl experiencing toothache. Can it be an abscessed tooth? Your dentist knows.What an abscessed tooth looks like in a child is easy to determine. An abscessed tooth contains a pocket of pus in the tissues around the tooth. Pus looks like whitish-yellow, yellow, or brown-yellow protein-rich fluid, which can build up in the long run.

Additionally, this pus forms as the body try to fight the bacterial infection. Once the pus cannot drain from the tooth, that is the time when an abscess forms. Overall, pus is a sign of illness that no one should take lightly.

An abscessed tooth can also form if your child has a damaged tooth, untreated tooth decay, or gum disease. For this reason, your child might experience red swollen gums with throbbing pain. Besides that, your child will have difficulty chewing their food.

Aside from that, your child will also have bad taste inside their mouth or develop bad breath. It will soon affect your child’s appetite and even their social interactions. It is essential to know that tooth abscess cannot go away on its own.

If you continuously neglect your child’s abscessed tooth, the bacterial infection can spread throughout their body. In this case, your child will need more than just a treatment for the abscessed tooth. That’s why it would be best to act immediately and receive treatment from the pediatric dentist.


What to do with an abscessed tooth in a child?

Tooth decay is prevalent among children, especially if parents do not look after their food. A decayed tooth alone can also cause swollen gums and bad breath to your child. As we mentioned earlier, it can turn into a tooth abscess.

What does an abscessed tooth look like in a child? Your dentist can answer your question. In general, the dentist will know how to evaluate your child’s dental condition. This way, they will know what treatment they can apply according to your child’s abscessed tooth.

In actuality, your dentist will apply local anesthesia to your child. It will ensure that your child will not feel any discomfort while undergoing the treatment. First and foremost, the dentist will remove the object stuck between your child’s teeth and gums during the procedure.



Furthermore, the dentist has two options to remove the pus. However, it will still depend on the level of infection spread throughout the body. The first option is to remove the pus by draining it through the pus pocket. The pus pocket is the space between the teeth and gums.

Another way the dentist would do is to do an incision in the gum tissue. They will use suction and gauze squares to remove the pus. However, if your child’s primary tooth has an abscess, there is only a lower chance for the dentist to save their tooth.

In this case, the only option they can do is to extract the abscessed tooth entirely. In effect, the dentist can prevent the spread of infection. Besides that, it will not affect the adult tooth that is developing under the affected tooth.


What does an abscessed tooth look like in a child?

In actuality, your child’s tooth issues may look like a simple toothache to you. However, you cannot be entirely sure of it. You can only find out the underlying condition of your child’s toothache with the help of a pediatric dentist.

Even in adults, we cannot be so sure of what a dental issue can cause us. An oral problem can be more intense than we know about it, especially if we have it for an extended period already. For this reason, booking an appointment with a dentist is much better.

Moreover, it would also be best to teach the children the proper way to care for their teeth even at their young age. This way, their teeth can grow better in the long run. Aside from that, they can carry this discipline as they grow older.

As parents, it is your responsibility to guide your children in maintaining a healthy set of teeth. It would be best if you let them know how essential it is to have excellent oral health. By teaching this while they are young, you are doing a huge favor for them.

Aside from regular brushing and flossing, make sure to bring them to their dental visits. It would help detect potential oral issues and receive immediate treatment as well. In effect, you will not worry that it will progress into severe conditions.



A pediatric dentist can help save your child's teeth. Visit them regularly.An abscessed tooth can be painful both for children and adults. Stop asking this: What does an abscessed tooth look like in a child? Instead, move your feet and go to your nearest dental clinic.

Take your child to the dentist to know what is exactly going on with their teeth. This way, you can fully understand the situation. Furthermore, your dentist will provide you instructions on how you should care for your child to prevent this from happening again.

Wouldn’t it be better if your child is free from any oral problems? They will be free from pain and other oral concerns. Additionally, it would be best to keep in mind that any dental problem can also affect the overall health condition.

With this mindset, you will do your best to prevent such scenarios from occurring. You are also saving your child from undergoing procedures that are way surprising for their age.


Final thoughts

A tooth abscess can form very quickly. A day or two after the start of infection is enough for your children to have it. So, before that happens, seek medical advice from your dentist on any sign of an oral problem.