Child with bad teeth: Causes and Prevention

child with bad teeth

When children are born, they are 99.9% safe from any dental problem. As their teeth begin to develop, you must put the right measures to make sure they develop best teeth without any problem. Children aren’t immune to teeth problems and it’s not unusual to meet a child with bad teeth. But according to, some of the causes of bad teeth can be hereditary hence can be passed from parents to children. Natural causes such as bacterial and acidic environment in the mouth are under the direct control of the parents hence must not be given the right attention. Most of the parents get surprised when they discover their children are developing bad tooth hence it’s important to know the exact causes which include;

1.Poor dental hygiene

When the child develops bacteria in the mouth immediately after the primary teeth start to develop, the teeth can easily be eaten away. You should introduce your child to brushing using the right toothbrush and toothpaste as early as the primary teeth begin to develop. Don’t sit and imagine it too early but make sure dental check is equally done to the child just as adults since children are likely to experience more pain when the teeth are affected.

2.Unhealthy food and eating habit. child with bad teeth

Even though children are likely to be attracted to sweets and sugary foods, don’t allow excess eating of sweets as this can be harmful to the teeth. You should avoid unhealthy foods and eating habit for the child to make sure tooth decay isn’t a risk factor for them.

What’s next for a child with bad teeth

Bad teeth in children aren’t the end of smiles for both children and parents as this can be corrected. Consult your dentist for the right dental work that will take the child out of the possible risks. Since the child has primary teeth, extreme cases of teeth problems can require extraction as the child will easily develop other teeth within no time.